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Frequently Asked Questions

Facility Information

Where is Alinda Storage located?

Alinda Storage is conveniently located at 1618 Landisburg Road (PA-850 E), Landisburg, PA 17040. We are just minutes away from Landisburg, Elliottsburg, Loysville, Shermans Dale, New Bloomfield and Carlisle. Click here for directions.

What are your office hours?

Office hours are by appointment only. Please contact us if you need to make an appointment at our office.

Do you offer 24/7 access to units?

Yes. All units may be accessed 24/7/365.

Do you have indoor units or drive-up units?

As of now, all our units have drive-up access.

What unit sizes do you offer?

We offer five different unit sizes to fit a variety of self storage needs and budgets. Our unit sizes are 5’x10′, 10’x10′, 10’x15′, 10’x20′, and 10’x30′.

Do you offer storage for boats, trailers, cars, or RVs?

We have immediate plans for expansion and will be offering boat, trailer, car, and RV storage in the near future. Check back soon!

Do you offer climate-controlled storage?

We have immediate plans for expansion and will be offering climate-controlled storage in the near future. Check back soon!

Do units have electricity?

No. Our units do not have electricity.

Is Alinda Storage well-lit?

Yes. We recently installed LED lights around our buildings for added security and ease of access in the early morning or evening hours.

Is there surveillance at Alinda Storage?

Yes. Our surveillance cameras record at all times. Please note that we do not actively monitor our cameras at all times.

Is there a restroom at Alinda Storage?

Yes. We have a portable restroom available as a courtesy to our customers.

Can I purchase moving supplies, locks or dollies at Alinda Storage?

No. We do not sell moving supplies, locks, dollies or any other goods at our facility at this time.

Getting Started

How do I reserve a storage unit?

Please use our online reservations portal or contact us to check availability or reserve a unit.

What is the rental procedure?

Once you reserve a unit, you will make an appointment with us so we can take care of the lease/rental agreement. We will provide you with a key and show you your unit. You will be free to move your items to the unit at your convenience.

Do you have a contactless rental procedure?

Yes. Feel free to use our online reservations portal or contact us to reserve a unit. Once you are in touch with us, we can go through the rental procedure over phone or email.

Do you require a long-term lease?

No. All rental agreements are month-to-month.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. The security deposit is equal to one month’s rent.

Do I need my own lock?

We will provide you with a lock as a courtesy. You are welcome to use your own lock if you prefer.

Do you require insurance?

No. We do not require proof of insurance. Alinda Storage does not assume liability for any items stored at our facility. If you are interested in insuring the items you store, we recommend talking to your insurance agent about your coverage options.

How do I end my lease/rental agreement?

When you no longer need your storage unit, please notify us in advance. We recommend notifying us prior to paying next month’s rent, as we do not offer prorated refunds for partial months.

Please remove your items and sweep the unit for the next customer. Return your key at the office and you will receive your security deposit back in the mail.


When is my rental fee due?

Rental fees are due on the first of each month, however we do provide a 10 day grace period without penalty.

How do I pay my rental fee?

You may pay online or at the office. You may pay online by accessing your tenant account. You may pay at the office in person or by placing your payment through the payment slot.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), Cash, and Check.

How do I set up an online account?

Visit the online Tenant Account Manager and click “Create Account”. Provide the last 7 digits of your phone number on file and your unit number. Set up your account login values by providing an email address, setting a password, and creating a security question and answer. Click the “Submit” button.

Can I make automatic payments?

Yes. Enabling automatic payments makes it easy to keep up with your rental fees. If you already have an online account it is very easy to set up automatic payments.

Simply log in to your tenant account and click on your unit to manage your account. Then click “Automatic Payment” and choose “Enable automatic payment by Credit Card on due date”. Enter your Credit Card information and click the “Submit” button.

Can I make a prepayment or pay more than the current amount due?

Yes. Log in to your tenant account and click on your unit to manage your account. Then click “Make Payment” and enter your Credit Card information. Follow the prompts to make a payment or prepayment and click the “Submit” button.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes. Sales tax is required on self storage services in Pennsylvania. If you are renting a storage unit on behalf of a church, charitable organization or nonprofit, you will not be required to pay tax. You must send us your Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate in order for sales tax to be removed from your monthly rental fee.

General Storage Questions

Are there any prohibited items?

Yes. You may not store flammables/explosives, perishable items such as food or livestock, or any other items prohibited by law.

I lost the key to my unit. What should I do?

If you lose the key to your storage unit, please contact us so we can help you gain access to your unit.

How do I know what size unit to rent?

The items you need to store will dictate what unit size you will need. If you plan to store large items such as furniture or appliances, try to take measurements before reserving a unit. For suggestions, visit our Unit Sizes & Rates page.

Can I switch units?

If you need more space or wish to have less space, you may upsize or downsize by switching units. This is based on facility availability, so please check availability online or contact us for assistance.